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Printing Possibility


The stamping is made with the technology called "hot stamp" which means transmision of colour from a sheet on the box by heat with the help of metal cliché.
This technology means some restrictions for the graphical appearance of the final stamping - the used graphics should be "one-bit" (or so called "B/W") that means that there can be only colour or nothing. Different shadows, gray scale or more colours can´t be used there.
The sheets are available in different colours including metallic, silver or golden.


Clichés (or simply stamps) can be manufactured in two versions:
The first option is magnesian cliché which is cheaper but has lower resistence and durability (it gets creased). This sort is not suitable for logos with small details and for large series of stamping. In these cases it´s better to use the second type of cliché - the brass (milled) one.

The prices of the clichés

Type Size The price
Magnesium to 100 mm 600,- CZK
Magnesium to 100mm 2000,- CZK
Maximal size of cliché is: 10 x 10 centimeters


Data basis is necessary to send in unicolour version, with curves and all texts converted to curves in cdr, ps, pdf or other formats.
It isn´t suitable if you save a picture from a scan into cdr.
If you don´t have available datas in a required format don´t worry - under certain circumstances we are able to prepare it ourselves on the grounds of basis from other formats. In this case we charge 300,-- CZK for one hour of graphic designer´s work - simply said, it´s for example encircling of graphics from a scanned picture or from jpg, gif and other formates.
Really problematic is to work out the datas which are of low quality, with complicated graphics, with special texts which are of unknown font and similar.

Prices of stamping

Type of print to 95 pcs from 96 pcs up
termoprint 2,80 CZK 1,60 CZK
termoprint double 5,60 CZK 3,20 CZK
print of label 2,80 CZK 2,80 CZK
tampo print 350 CZK * 2,80 CZK

* price per job, other price per pcs

Possibilities of stamping

There exist different options how to stamp a box (or another goods). Detailed information you can find in the list of goods enclosed.

  1. Stamping on the surface of the goods
    - the size of the logo is limited by the outward size of the goods and be careful of possible rounding of shapes, frames and so on (the stamping must be on a straight top of the goods)
  2. Stamping inward the goods
    - the size of the logo is limited by the inner size of the goods and don´t forget the edges of the clichés and gripping into the machine
  3. Stamping of tonguelet in the box
    - it depends on the kind of stuff (the choice of colours is limited)
  4. Stamping of labels
    - means stamping of transparent labels with size 32 x 25 milimeters (that means limitation for the logo size) which can be then sticked direct on goods
    - this kind of stamping is offered separately and the customer can use it for other kind of goods
  5. Not suitable for stamping
    - some kinds of goods are not suitable for stamping at all - for example goods which are too indented, too small, with structured surface, too soft and so on.

Picture: Specimen of the stamping on the top, inward, on the tonguelet and on the label